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Coming to the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts this fall: A Picasso exhibition

HM Media 24 Sep 2023
Over the course of his nearly 80-year career, most of which he spent in France, he also depicted his studios, scenes from literature and classical mythology, bull fights and works inspired by European Old Master paintings and prints.

Grand Forks-born artist was instrumental in launching the Pop Art Movement

The Jamestown Sun 23 Sep 2023
Time magazine stated that Rosenquist, through “his powerful and graphic style and painted montages helped define the 1960s Pop Art movement.” ... Booth taught him egg tempera and Renaissance underpainting and took Rosenquist to the Art Institute of Chicago to view surrealist art and old master paintings.

You don't have to be 'woke' to be troubled by the Fitzwilliam Museum's links to slavery

The Spectator 21 Sep 2023
Due to the dearth of images of Africans in European art, there are very few paintings ... Barbara Walker turns the tables on European art with her meticulously drawn copies of old master paintings in which the marginal black figures are picked out in graphite while the principal white figures are embossed and barely visible.

Frick Curator Aimee Ng Discusses Barkley L. Hendricks’ Influences and Influence

New York Observer 20 Sep 2023
How do we celebrate the Frick and Old Master painting as crucial inspirations for Barkley, while also highlighting the enormous innovation of Barkley’s portraiture and Barkley as a pioneer? As he said himself, no matter what his inspiration or admiration was, “It had to be done Barkley Hendricks style—no copies.”.

The change

Kingsport Times-News 20 Sep 2023
Editor’s Note. Local pastors partner with us to bring a message of hope and comfort to readers twice a week. Look for it on Sundays and Wednesdays. Pumpkins are orange; they grow on a vine,. Autumn leaves are colorful ... The master has painted from a pallet so bold!. A new season arrives; farewell to the old!. Old things pass away; then comes the change.

Appreciation: Often spurned by the contemporary art world, Fernando Botero made meaningful art

The Los Angeles Times 19 Sep 2023
During my art school education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the early ’90s, our teachers made us study the history of painting ranging from the old masters to the Abstract Expressionists ... We memorized all of Guston’s and De Kooning’s paintings and looked at Baselitz, Tàpies, Richter and Kiefer.

Afro-Cuban artist reimagines Renaissance art with Black people at the center

The Philadelphia Tribune 18 Sep 2023
This effect was intentional, embracing a technique employed by European Old Masters for painting White skin in a way that made it glow and stand out from the canvas; it involves layering thin coats of paint so that lighting highlights different features and creates depth, Rosales said.

Unlocking the mystery behind IRS review of claims for charitable deductions in art

Reuters 18 Sep 2023
Reg ... •A list, image and description of comparable paintings, along with a narrative explaining the methodology used to value the work; ... These items range from old master paintings and contemporary artwork to antiques, ceramics, textiles, carpets, silver, rare manuscripts, antiquities, ethnographic art, coins, and entertainment and historical objects.

Art exhibit reimagines Renaissance creation stories with Black people at the center

CNN 17 Sep 2023
This effect was intentional, embracing a technique employed by European Old Masters for painting White skin in a way that made it glow and stand out from the canvas; it involves layering thin coats of paint so that lighting highlights different features and creates depth, Rosales said.

Why is Frans Hals still not considered the equal of Rembrandt?

The Spectator 14 Sep 2023
‘What struck me most on seeing the old Dutch pictures again is that most of them were painted quickly, that these great masters, such as a Frans Hals, a Rembrandt, a Ruysdael and so many others – dashed off a thing from the first stroke and did not retouch it so very much…’ You ...

Belen Jesuit Gallery Opens Art Exhibit of Rare Renaissance Work

Miami New Times 12 Sep 2023
The artworks are on loan from Federico Gandolfini Vannini, a fourth-generation art dealer from Florence, Italy, whose business Frascione Arte specializes in old masters ... Daubar-San Juan says he approached the school about possibly exhibiting old master paintings.

AI in Art Authentication – Is It a Supplement or a Replacement?

Cryptopolitan 11 Sep 2023
Some, like Howard Lewis, director of the Schorr collection of Old Master paintings, see AI as a technological tool that enhances the human experience but does not supersede it. In contrast, others, like London-based Old Masters dealer Johnny van Haeften, firmly reject AI-based attributions.

Battle of the AIs: rival tech teams clash over who painted ‘Raphael’ in UK gallery

The Observer 10 Sep 2023
“The similarity between the madonnas was found to be 97%, while comparison of the child in both paintings produced an 86% similarity.” ... “This study demonstrates the capabilities of machine learning to give a probability of the same artist between different ‘Old Master’ paintings.

Mike Yardley: Eye-catchers in exciting Rotterdam

NewstalkZB 09 Sep 2023
But rather than meticulously recreating the Rotterdam of old, with all its story-book prettiness, Rotterdammers embarked on a citywide rebuilding programme in the modernist style ... Need an art fix? Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, housed in a landmark brick tower, displays a hefty collection of paintings by old masters.

Treasures from Rothschild family collection could fetch $30 million at unprecedented auction

Auburnpub dot com 07 Sep 2023
The collection includes art acquired by the family, particularly Old Masters pictures, led by Gerrit Dou’s painting “A young woman holding a hare with a boy at a window,” which dates back to the 17th century and is estimated to sell for between $3 million and $5 million. People are also reading… ... Sept ... Sept ... Sept ... Aug. 31, 2023 Hits & Misses ... .